Welcome Weekend is coming – Come & see!

Read John 1:46

Everyone wants to be invited!

Everyone knows what it feels like to be told, “Stay away, you’re not allowed to see!”

No one likes to be uninvited.

Yet, a personal invitation is compelling.

When I think of my passion for evangelism, I consider three words, “Come and see.”

As I reach out to five people in my circle of relationships, I extend the invitation to come and see.

I know that my ultimate goal is not to get them to attend a Christian event, but to invite them to experience Christian community.  My hope is for the Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself (John 6:44) through my simple invitation—“Come and see.”

The journey for their personal salvation begins with a connection with me—a relational connection with me.  I get to build trust and become their guide toward experiencing true Christian community.

Sure, they’ll be curious and ask a lot of questions. Indeed, they may be closed at first. But with God’s help and by asking good questions, each one will start to open up and begin to consider areas in their life where they want change. Then I can guide them to begin intentionally seeking Jesus.  And eventually they will come to the doorway for following Jesus.

Yet, the journey begins with three simple words of invitation, “Come and see.”

Philip used these three words to invite his friend Nathanael (John 1:46).  Invite one friend.

I suggest you be simple and direct when inviting your friends and family to Welcome Weekend. Tell your friend who attends and why.  You could say something like, “Hey, Joe, I’d really like you to go with me to church on Sunday next week at 10:15am.  Lots of people attend the 10:15 to hear practical ways to apply what the Bible says to real life.  People come as they are. Dress casual.  What do you say?  Come with me?”

When they say, “Okay I’ll go,” then share what they might expect to experience.  Tell them that you will pick them up or arrange to arrive about 10am to find a parking spot. Enter a venue. Find a seat.  Rehearse the general order of service—video announcements, music, host comments, pastor’s talk, and a call to action.  You can invite them to visit the Connect Room to receive their gift for attending for the first time. Before Sunday, touch base with them rehearsing when and where you will meet up.

Extend an invitation to someone today.  Invite them to come and see.

Daron Butler

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