Welcome Weekend is coming – Go, listen and speak!

Read Acts 8:26-40

Vicki and I love to travel together and explore cities.  Our favorite is Chicago and we recently spent a few days together there.  We enjoyed Buckingham Fountain and the Architectural Boat Tour on the river along with many other places.  Here are a few pictures to share about our experience.

When we experience something fun, new, exciting, or good, we like to share it.  When it tastes good, we talk about it.  When our teams win, we post about it.  Food, travel, sports, and entertainment offer some thrilling experiences. Nothing compares to finding real hope and meaning in life.  We, who follow Christ, have experienced the life-changing grace of God and cannot keep it to ourselves!

At Grace Church, we believe that life change is an invitation away.  When you experience the grace of God you cannot keep it to yourself.  You must extend the grace to others as well!  This is what is happening in Acts 8:26-40.  From Acts 8, let’s discover how to invite others to share about the life changing grace of God.

GO – Philip was invited by God to be a part of something so much bigger than himself.  God knew there was an Ethiopian who needed someone to explain real life to him.  God knew Philip was capable to do it, even if he didn’t know it.  This call to Philip is similar to what God calls you and I to do in Matthew 28:18-20.  Are you ready to go where God sends you?    

LISTEN – In verse 30 Philip hears that the Eunuch is reading from the Scripture.  Sometimes as Christ-followers we are quicker to talk than we are to listen.  Observe the situation people are in – their hurts, concerns, fears, successes, and dreams.  God puts us near people to hear people.  Are you listening to what others are saying?

SPEAK – Notice the first thing out of Philip’s mouth is a question (v.30).  He’s more interested in connecting this guy to Jesus than making sure he understood what Philip knew.  This question helped clarify a follow up question by the Eunuch which lead to a conversation about Jesus.  In verse 35 we read that Philip used that platform to share the message of the gospel with the Eunuch.  Are you prepared to share the good news with someone?

In this story the Eunuch places his faith in Jesus and then takes his next step by being baptized.  A life changing experience because one man who knew Jesus was willing to go, listen, and then speak.  It’s a challenge to us this week.  Go confidently.  Listen intently.  Speak boldly.  We do that well when we’ve been some place we want others to know about.  I can’t think of a better reason to share with others than the reason for the hope we have!

Who will you invite to join you this Sunday to hear more about the hope found in Jesus Christ?

Nick Cleveland

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