Welcome Weekend is here…and only the beginning!

Read Isaiah 6:8

Do you remember what it was like to be in high school, during the lunch hour, to have your tray of food and scan the cafeteria trying to find a place to sit? You may have your group of friends, but how many seats are available at that table? There are seats available at the popular table but you think to yourself, that you don’t really fit in there. There’s a feeling of indecisiveness and maybe even fear.

These same thoughts, outside the context of a high school cafeteria, I would think, were flowing through the brain of Isaiah when God called him into ministry. God was calling him to reach a people that have a past history of falling away from God. He was calling Isaiah to do a job that would make him unpopular and probably put his life at risk. However, these emotions were quickly overcome when he proclaimed, “Here am I! Send me!”

If only it was always that easy.

We all have influence. All of us have people in our lives that need the hope of Jesus. We may think to ourselves that we don’t have what it takes to talk with them about Jesus. “Maybe someone else will share the gospel with them. It doesn’t have to be me.” However, I encourage you to have an Isaiah mindset. When God is calling you to do something uncomfortable, respond with “Here am I! Send me.” When the Lord lays evangelism on our hearts, it seems to be quickly dismissed with, “I’m not qualified to do that” or “I really don’t want to do that.”

However, because of the guarantee of eternal life that believers in Jesus have, we have hope! If we have learned anything this week, it is that this hope is something that we cannot keep to ourselves! It must be shared! This is life’s most important relationship we are talking about!

Today, at Wooster Grace, is the Sunday that Dan Lian is going to be sharing the gospel to, what we hope, will be 2,500+ people. Our hearts have been prepared this week about the value of evangelism and maybe some of us are going to be counseling people after the service. Regardless of, if you are a Grace Church attender or not, will you commit to pray for the hearts of lost people everywhere to come to knowledge of faith in Jesus? This is just the beginning! Through the forgiveness of Christ, we have information that will quite simply change someone’s life.

Will you pray? Will you share?

Jake Lawson

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