September 19: Open Letters – Dear Self-Image

Read Ephesians 1:17-21

Dear Self-Image,

After I eat dark greens, I ask someone near me, who knows me well, “Do I have something between my teeth?”  I ask because I have been embarrassed by what I have seen so many times in the mirror, when I didn’t ask!

Mirrors can play tricks on us though.  Like the mirrors in a fun house, our brain can believe we see something that is really not true and we can go the wrong way and find it’s difficult to get out.

We can look in the mirror and decide our features are wrong, and we can obsess in order to remedy that! We step into a new group of people who “have it all together;” then we try to mimic their behavior to add to our image.

Self-image. This hyphenated word was put into the dictionary in 1939. We know that the problem of a false self-image has been around a lot longer.  As followers of Jesus, we need His help to see who we are and what we look like to Him! We are able to look into the “perfect law of freedom” that brings blessing in all we do, if we don’t forget! (James 1:25) That means that we need to be in the Word of God frequently.  The Spirit can then develop in us a Christ-centered self-image.  Transformational!  We are described as His masterpieces (Eph. 2:10). Let’s pause and think about this truth. A masterpiece takes a lot of thought and creativity and is considered a masterpiece because of its unique qualities and purpose.

I am a masterpiece! Go ahead and say this out loud! Sounds a bit awkward, doesn’t it? I have believed other things about myself. Negative words spoken to me or about me were written on my mirror and were all I saw. My mirror has been so blurry, that I really couldn’t see how He loves me. He sure does though. I let His truth wipe away the lies, and now I have the reflection of His love and truth written on my mirror. I am His daughter.  He is the King eternal and I am His princess and that is what I see in the mirror of truth!  No matter what your mirror looks like, ask Him to write on it the truth that this song expresses Let His truth and love be reflected in your Self-Image!

Celeste Kern

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