September 30: Jesus in the Old Testament

Read Luke 24:13-53

Now, that was a conversation, to which I would have loved to listen!  It was a dialogue that could have lasted for hours.  After all, the two men were traveling seven miles on foot, talking as they went.

It was a journey that began with heartbreak and ended with heartburn.  But this was heartburn of a positive kind…the cool kind that you want to have…the kind that leaves you yearning for more.

We don’t know at what point Jesus entered the conversation.  Was it nearer to Jerusalem or nearer to Emmaus?  Good question.  We do know, however, how He directed the discussion.  Initially, He pretended to hide His omniscience.  “What’s up?”  “What are you talking about?”  “What happened in Jerusalem?”  But then He shared His incredible understanding of God’s plan as outlined in the Scriptures.  On that part of the conversation I would have gladly eavesdropped!  Here is the way Luke summarizes it:

“And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.”  (v. 27)

At that point, “the Scriptures” included only the 39 books of the Old Testament.  Jesus made clear that there were numerous references to Himself in the Old Testament.  His appearance on the scene in Bethlehem should have been no surprise.  The essence of His ministry should not have been a complete mystery.  The experience of His sacrifice should not have been a shock.  The reality of His resurrection should not have been a new revelation.

Starting as early as Genesis (“beginning with Moses”) and going all the way through the books of the Major and Minor Prophets clear to Malachi, there were clear references to Him – His identity, His purpose, and His work.  Jesus made that clear.

Even though you and I were not part of that conversation and don’t know exactly all that Jesus pointed out on that day, we will over the next several days attempt to point to some of those clearer passages where we see Jesus in the Old Testament.  Thanks for joining us for this exciting journey!


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