October 6: Jesus and Moses

Read Deuteronomy 18:9-22

Even there on that east bank of the Jordan, the Promised Land laying before their very eyes, God gave His children glimpses of Jesus Christ, His Son Whom He’d send for their redemption and saving.

God refers to Moses as a “type” of Jesus several times throughout the Bible. It means, the story God gave Moses typifies, points to, the story of Jesus Christ the Messiah. So when Moses told the people of Israel that God would raise up a prophet like himself, He tipped His hand for all to hear the truth that He had a rescue plan even back then.

In the MacArthur ESV Study Bible, John MacArthur points out six ways Moses’ life typified Jesus. They are as follows:

  1. Moses’s life as a baby boy was spared from the carnage of a tyrant king whose power-hungry life led to infanticide. Remember Exodus 2 when Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in a basket in the Nile after his mother hid him in the reeds? Compare that with King Herod’s rage in Matthew 2 when he heard about the king of the Jews being born in Bethlehem.
  2. Both Moses and Jesus gave up a royal lifestyle for the good of God’s people. Moses gave up the right to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Jesus gave up His rights as the Lord of Heaven and Earth.
  3. Moses’ words in Numbers 27:17 foreshadowed Jesus’ assessment when he referred to the children of Israel as sheep that have no shepherd. Both had deep compassion for God’s people.
  4. Just as Moses stood before God on behalf of His people and begged His forgiveness and mercy, so Jesus Christ stood in our place before God’s judgement so that you and I could know His mercy and grace and live real life in Him. In fact, the author of Hebrews says Jesus always lives to make intercession for (those who draw near to God through Him).
  5. Both Jesus and Moses spoke with God face to face. Moses on Mt. Sinai. Jesus, God Himself had come from the Father, communed with Him throughout His time on earth and then returned to Him when He ascended into heaven.
  6. While Moses mediated God’s covenant of the Law with Israel, Jesus Christ mediated the new covenant. The one that lets you and me have a relationship with Him through His blood.

Even then, God had a plan to make a way for you and me to know Him, to be saved from the Law He knew we could not keep. That way has always been, will always be, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.


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