October 8: Glimpses of Jesus

Read Judges 3:12-30

Then the people of Israel cried out to the LORD, and the LORD raised up for them a deliverer . . . (v15)

We can find types of Jesus Christ throughout the book of Judges. Glimpses of God’s perfect Son sent for the rescue of fallen man.

The Israelites found themselves resting in and enjoying God’s provision, the Promised Land He’d led them into. But they got lazy and started to rebel. It’s a cycle we see over and over throughout the book of Judges, like a washing machine that’s stuck on spin.

So God would hand His people, the Israelites, over to their rebellion and they would find themselves in bondage to horrible situations. That’s when they would realize God’s ever-available, faithful, and bountiful mercy towards them and they would humbly confess their stupidity, as they cried out for His help.

Time after time after time, then, God would graciously provide for His needy and helpless children by sending a deliverer to rescue them from their horror. That’s who the judges were — people appointed by God to lead Israel for specific times. Deliverers sent by God to rescue His children, who could not rescue themselves.

Sounds a lot like our story, too, doesn’t it?

Each one of us needs help, that we cannot provide for ourselves. It’s a problem almost as old as humanity itself. We want real life, the kind God intended for us to live when He created it. But we can’t attain it. Instead, we race for our own idea of what might work best. And always, always, it falls short.

We can’t lift ourselves out of the pit or break the chains of the oppression sin weighs us into. The chains of sin and death. Our problem has always been our own inability to free ourselves from that slavery.

Just like Israel’s problem: its slavery to Eglon, the king of Moab.

Were it not for God sending a deliverer, Ehud, for His people, they would have never been freed from their servitude to him and the Moabites.

In all truth, were it not for God sending the Deliverer, Jesus Christ, for you and me and everyone who will trust Him for real life and freedom, we wouldn’t have a chance. We’d be stuck spinning our wheels, trying to free ourselves from what we cannot beat.

Only by God’s grace, only through His Son to deliver us, can you and I know life and freedom.


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