October 9: Gideon Foreshadows Jesus

Read Judges 6:1-27; 7:1-25

Gideon was not who Israel expected to lead them to victory over the Midianites, I imagine.  The least in his father’s house, which was from the weakest clan in Manasseh. He was far from the picture that most of us would expect to be the mighty warrior Israel needed to save them from oppression.

But God’s plan had the least of the least rescuing His children from the worst of the worst.

More than a thousand years later, God revealed His plan that looked a lot the same. His plan to rescue His children, including you and me and whoever else would turn to Him, from the worst enemy ever — the clutches of sin and death — with His Son, whom nobody recognized.

More than a thousand years after God surprised His people and chose Gideon to lead His people to freedom with his tiny army, God surprised mankind and sent His Son Jesus Christ to rescue mankind from inevitable servitude to the enemy we could not conquer alone.

Everything about Gideon’s story is a surprise. The underdog wins because God gets to show off His almighty power. Similarly, the way Jesus Christ came, His modus operandi while He was here, surprised God’s people, too.

A tiny baby, whose mom was a virgin, was literally born in a barn. He didn’t come with silver spoons or really any kingly human power to speak of. He wasn’t outstanding in His appearance, not someone who would turn heads with His looks.

And His methods were even more surprising. He waged war on mankind’s enemy named death by picking up a cross and letting Himself die on it.

Throughout the book of Judges, we can find glimpses of Jesus as God rescues His children from enemy after enemy. Here, we find Gideon and His teeny tiny army and we glimpse God’s plan to rescue us from the biggest enemy of all.

Isn’t it comforting to know that God has been working His plan throughout all of history so you and I could know Him and live the real kind of life He made us for?


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