October 11: Jesus and the Promise to David

Read 2 Samuel 7:1-29

David purposed to build a temple.  He recognized the wonderful blessings he had received from his Heavenly Father.  This temple would serve as an ornate and permanent “dwelling place” for God.  For centuries, “God’s house” had been a portable, makeshift pavilion made of sticks and canvas.  In David’s mind, it was somehow inequitable and unthinkable that he, as the king, should enjoy a beautiful palace while the King of the Universe should “inhabit” an “easy-up tent.”

But God had other plans.  David would not build a house for Him.  No, his son, Solomon, would construct it.

But this chapter also points to the house that God would build for David (vv. 11b-13).  This house was much more than a physical dwelling place or shelter.  This “house” would neither be built by nor even fulfilled in Solomon.  It was a permanent reign and rule that was to be established by one of David’s future descendants.

Of course, Jesus was the fulfillment of this promise.  He was the house and the ruler of the kingdom mentioned here.  If you look carefully at David’s offspring, you discover that Jesus was the person spoken of by God in this Old Testament passage (Lk. 1:30-33).  Centuries later, He came as a descendant of David in both the lineage through His mother, Mary (Lk. 3:31), and His “earthly father,” Joseph (Matt. 1:6).

From eternity past, you see, God the Father has been leaving a trail, pointing us to our need for and His provision of His Son.  Today, we are blessed to live at a time on the other side of the Savior’s first coming.  You are likely fully aware, that His current kingdom is one reflected in the surrender of the hearts of His followers.   But at His second coming, the full gamut of the eternal kingdom mentioned in 2 Samuel will be experienced.  The day will come when Jesus will return to the earth.  Once here, He will rule forever.

While you and I pray today for our nation and for our world, we must understand that complete and lasting morality and justice will only be realized when Jesus, the King, reigns!


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