October 12: Jesus and the Majesty of God

Read Psalm 8:1-9

The opening and closing lines of Psalm 8 draw attention to the majesty of God:  “O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”  (vv. 1, 9)  Indeed, His name, indicative of all that He is, depicts majesty and magnificence!  That magnificence is portrayed in some spectacular and unexpected ways in the verses between.

  1. Children and infants are able to recognize and extol God and His greatness, while others choose not to (v. 2)! Isn’t it amazing that Jesus took time for children, that He applauded childlike faith, and that children were among those shouting “Hosanna” as Christ entered Jerusalem?  Even in our own church life this past summer, nearly 600 children used amazing excitement to demonstrate his greatness on every day of Vacation Bible School.  Meanwhile, many who are deemed “wise” or “successful” in this world are enemies of God!
  2. Amidst the vastness of the stellar creation, God has placed His love on tiny and seemingly insignificant humans (vv. 3, 4)! As David looked out over the night sky, he saw distances that science has only recently uncovered.  Light travels at 186,000 miles/hour.  Nevertheless, it takes more than 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the earth.  And it takes more than 4 years for light from the next nearest star to reach your eyes!  In spite of that vastness, God has chosen to place His love on mankind!  He is magnificent.
  3. Man’s position in the world also points to God’s magnificence (vv. 5-8)! Mankind is a bit lower than angels and yet positioned above the rest of creation.  We have been created in His image.  God chose to reflect his own sovereignty in us by giving man dominion over the animal world!

But through Psalm 8, we also see Jesus once again in the Old Testament.  You see, the author of Hebrews also cites verse 4-6 and applies them, in part, to the Son of God (Hebrews 2:5-9).  The humility of Christ in becoming man is unimaginable.  But that humility gave way to glory.  One day, He will reign visibly and perfectly over everyone and everything!

God is majestic!  Pause for a few moments and consider those great realities as you read Psalm 8 again!


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