October 21 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – Job

Read Job 42:1-17

In the spirit of the new sermon series on prayer starting today at Grace Church, we will be looking at 35 prayers in the Bible over the next 5 weeks. Our writers will share with you these prayers, the context in which they were prayed and encouraging words coming out of them for all of us.

Allow me to share a prayer from one of my favorite books of the Bible.

If you’re looking for the reason why bad things happen to good people and what it’s like to have your world turned completely upside down, take the time to read the book of Job.

Spark-notes summary of Job: He was a super wealthy guy who God gave into the hands of Satan because God knew that Job was a faithful servant of his and would never curse Him because of his circumstances.

As you can probably imagine, Satan wrecked Job’s world.

His house? Gone. Family? Gone. Cattle? Wealth? Gone. Health? Gone. The vast majority of the book is Job’s friends telling him why they think this happened to him. Some of their opinions may make sense but most of them are way out there. One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes in Job 38. I HIGHLY recommend that you read that chapter and see how God comes onto the scene. “Where were you?” Just incredible…

In the last chapter of the book, we read a closing prayer of Job to God. At the end of the day, no matter how bad things got for Job and no matter what false facts his friends told him, he never cursed God. We read a prayer of thanks and confession. Even though he didn’t fully understand what was going on, he trusted in God’s plan for him. As we see at the end of the chapter, because of Job’s faithfulness, God restored Job’s fortunes twofold of what we started the book with.

All of us have and will go through horrible experiences in life. You may find yourself crying out with every ounce of strength, “GOD! WHY?!” It is so much easier said than done to trust God in the midst of trials, but the story of Job proves that He will reward the faithful. Also, when you are going through a storm, surround yourself with the right people; people who will listen to you and point you back to Christ. James 1 tells us that trials in life are to make us stronger. When we rely on God, who will never forsake us, there is nothing in our life that will destroy us. He is faithful. He is just. He is merciful. He loves you. He died for you. He wants the best for you. There are many people that truly love you and want to see you succeed.

Never forget that.

Jake Lawson



For the full challenge, go here!

Day 1: Praise Him!

Praise is necessary. We were built for it. Being created in His image, we have been uniquely wired to praise God. But for praise to be praise, it has to be expressed. It has to make its way to our hearts past our lips.

Read or shout! – a verse – in Psalms out loud every day this week! Here’s a few to get you started: 96:4, 145:3, 63:3-4

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