October 22 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – Jesus

Read John 17:1-26

What if you and I were followers of Jesus during the last days of His life here on earth? Before the trial and crucifixion of Jesus, He shared with His disciples very confusing statements. “In a little while you will see me no more and then after a little while you will see me.” (Jn. 16:17) “A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home. You will leave me all alone.”

As close followers, they were certainly baffled and probably a little offended that Jesus would consider them as “those” who would abandon Him. With all the unrest and Roman opposition that were a threat? With the religious leaders accusing Jesus of being a blasphemer? Jesus spoke of a kingdom to come, and scripture tells us that the disciples had plans to help Jesus in this new leadership. The ideas of leaving and desertion weren’t in their thoughts…yet.

After this conversation Jesus looked toward heaven and prayed to His Father. To the one who understood all that was to come.

This prayer in John 17 has three parts.

*Jesus prays to His Father for Himself and confirms His commitment to “finish the work” that was given Him.

*Jesus prays for His disciples that were given to Him. He prays that they would be  “protected from the evil one” as they are sent out into the world to proclaim the Gospel.

*Jesus prays for “those who will believe through their message, that all of them may be one.”

Read again John 17:21-25.  As you read pray for your church, your small group and yourself.

“I pray that we may be one and may show the love of Jesus to all around us. May the love and unity that is in the Trinity be in us and shine through our Groups and our Church so others may believe in Jesus through our message.”

A Prayer from Jesus’ lips for our lives today! He has given us all we need to be devoted followers: His life, His love, forgiveness, power through the Holy Spirit to overcome the evil one. He prayed for us and taught these principles so that His disciples, past, present, and future, would not fall away but take heart!  (John 16:33)

Praise Him for His provision for each of His followers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FHwdx5BIvc.

Celeste Kern


For the full challenge, go here!

Day 2: Practice just talking to Him.

Prayer is just conversation with God. Read James 4:8. As we grow in our love for Jesus, we will naturally desire to talk to Him. He cares more about what’s in your heart and connecting with you more than He does about what you’re “supposed to say.”


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