October 24 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – Hannah

Read 1 Samuel 1-2:10

Prayer isn’t about getting what you want from the Lord, but about trusting Him.
Do you believe this? Do you receive satisfaction when you pray? Do you walk away from that time with the Lord, expecting something in return or just comforted with the knowledge and belief that He is with you?

Many of us know the Old Testament story of Hannah. She is an obedient follower of God with a great sadness in her life; yet the Lord answers her prayer. Hannah is given Samuel, and Hannah gives Samuel back to the Lord in service. Yet, what do we learn from her relationship with the Lord?

In my own life, the Lord is constantly bringing Hannah’s story to mind. Consistently reminding me of how Hannah surrendered to the Lord, of how she wasn’t afraid to be as raw and real with the Lord as she possibly could, how when the Lord gave her the one thing she LONGED for, she vowed to give it or him (Samuel) back to the God she knew was good. However, in this season of my life, the Lord uses Hannah’s story to remind me that, when I surrender and live with open hands before Him, it isn’t about God filling my hands with my requests but filling them with more of HIM, and this brings satisfaction to my soul and, in turn, my life.

Let’s look at 1 Samuel  1:18b; “…and her face was no longer sad.”  I believe that, in this moment, Hannah knew without a shadow of a doubt that, even if her prayer for a son was not permitted, she was satisfied with the Lord alone because she trusted Him in all of His power and glory.

Do we? In those tough times, where we are on our face before the Lord, completely raw and surrendered, do we believe and trust Him because of who He is? Do we believe that He will take on our burdens and return to us what we need and not only what we think will make us better?

If prayer is about a trust exchange, exchanging our broken perspective for God’s divine perspective, are we willing to give Him our burdens in exchange for ONLY Him?
Hannah’s story ends (in the Bible) with her singing a song of thanksgiving after leaving her little boy in the hands of God’s service.  She gives her little boy to the Lord and, even through the pain of living without her son by her side, she expresses God’s glory, power and character.

Kelly Lawson


For the full challenge, go here!

Day 4: Give Thanks.

Psalm 100 reminds us to enter God’s presence with a thankful heart. We can always talk to God, but let’s not forget that it’s a huge privilege to have such access to God. Start your day by reading Psalm 100 and thanking God for something He’s done or given to you.

One thought on “October 24 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – Hannah

  1. Sometimes it’s hard for me to thank God for what I have especially when not feeling good but it helps me when I get this way to look around me n REMEMBER that I AM where I am now because of him and I member e here I came from and o thank him more and that helps

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