October 27 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – Abraham

Read Genesis 15:1-21

Have you ever prayed to the Lord and then waited?

It’s safe to say, we all have. We can relate to Abraham’s story so well because, like most prayers that we discuss with the Lord, there is a time of waiting that follows.

Abe’s journey of the specific prayer of a child begins in Genesis 12.  In the beginning of the chapter, the Lord approaches Abram, at the age of 75, and promises him that, through his family, “he will make a great nation” (Genesis 12:2) … and “give this land.” (12:7a).

Now, fast forward to Chapter 15 and approximately 25 years later, and there is still no child.

Don’t miss that…TWENTY. FIVE. YEARS.

Some of us cannot even wait with a good attitude at a stop light; how in the world do we survive years of longing and being still in what sometimes seems like silence?
Maybe you don’t have to imagine. Maybe you, too, have been waiting for an answer for years.

As we know, Abe’s story doesn’t end in waiting for a son. The Lord fulfills his promise, though years later, and, even though Abe doubted and needed reminding from God,  he was faithful to follow the Lord in the hope of His promise.

I love what Erwin McManus said at the 2018 Global Leadership Summit:  “Sometimes, God doesn’t meet you in your faith but in your faithfulness”.  In my own life, the Lord allowed this to speak to me, not because I needed it in that moment but for a time to come.  Just one week later, I was let go from my job with little to no explanation and it felt like my world collapsed, or in our case, some of our security.

I will be the first to admit, I relied on the security of that job more than the security that comes from the Lord and questioned His goodness. Yet, through my husband’s faith and constant reminders, I was able to see the Lord’s goodness, even through the waves of doubt. …and I waited. I waited for an answer, I waited for a reason why, I waited for another job. I waited . . . in hope.

What I learn from Abe’s story and my time of waiting is that it is okay to bring your doubt before the Lord because He, too, will cover you in that (Philippians 4:6-7). The time of waiting is a blessing because it allows us to depend on and learn more of God’s character.

His track record proves He is faithful;. Wait in hope of that faithfulness and know that He IS for you (Psalm 33:20-21).

Kelly Lawson


For the full challenge, go here!

Day 7:  Praise Him. Sing your favorite praise song to Jesus in prayer today.

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