November 8 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – Moses

Read Exodus 5:1-23

“This is not going to be as easy as I thought.”  I can only imagine that may have been one of the many things Moses was thinking after sharing with Pharaoh what the Lord had asked him to do.  Pharaoh was well aware of gods, he had many of them – he, himself being one of his biggest; but Pharaoh was not a believer in the very God of Israel, Moses and Aaron were sharing with him.  He had no proof of His power, and Pharaoh was a power-hungry leader, so he laughed it off and went into action.

What a mess.  Moses and Aaron were doing exactly what God called them to do; yet, it ended in more hardship for the Hebrew laborers.  Not only did Pharaoh laugh at the thought of this “God”, he was not about to give up power or allow someone else to tell him how to run things.  Pharaoh decided to show Moses, who was in charge, by torturing the already very hard working brick-makers. He made their work 10 times harder by no longer providing the straw that was a critical element in making their bricks and, more importantly, making their quota, so they would be paid.  To me, this is the perfect scenario to scream out, “Unfair!”

After reading this chapter in Exodus, I started thinking about the unfairness of the Columbine shootings.  A young lady, living life, minding her own business.  A young man, who desires great power, thinks, because of his worldly influence on her, with a gun in his hand, he can place her in a position to turn her back on God.  But she doesn’t;  she sticks to what she believes, and she pays “his” price for it.  As a mother, I’m sure there were times when her parents went to God, just as Moses did, asking, “Why did this happen to our daughter when she was only doing what you called her to do?”

If we ended our reading in verse 23, we may not ever know how Moses’ prayer gets answered.  If we didn’t have internet, we may not ever know how many people came to know God because of Cassie Bernall’s obedience to Him on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School.  Life hurts, life isn’t fair, and life doesn’t always make sense to us; but we can rest knowing God can use the very worst situations in our life for His glory.  Sometimes we have to go through serious hardships, while standing firm on God’s truth, to show the world who it is that we serve.  God could have changed the story for those laborers in just one breath; instead it took incredible trust from Moses to continue on with his calling.

Is there something not making sense in your life?  Could reading these verses today open up an opportunity to slow down and just listen?  We may need to take our minds off of the unfairness of our situation long enough to hear God’s gentle, loving voice whispering, “Just trust me.”

Rayonna Miller


For the full challenge, go here!

Day 19: Pray for our Church body

Read Romans 15:5-6 and Psalm 84. Ask God for the wisdom and understanding to bring people together. Is there anything you can do today to encourage or show your appreciation for another believer? Ask God to show you how, then follow through.

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