November 18 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – David

Read Psalm 19:1-14

Although there are many who question the existence of God, David points to two clear ways through which God has revealed Himself.

  1. God reveals Himself in general ways through creation (vv. 1-6). Although the created world lacks a literal voice with which to speak, David personifies it, pointing out that the message of creation spans all languages.  It declares clearly the glory and the power of God to all (cf. Rom. 1:18ff).  As a result, all are accountable to Him.  No one can use the excuse that God did not reveal Himself to him/her.
  2. God reveals Himself in special ways through the Bible (vv. 7-14). The inspired words of the Scriptures revive, make wise, cause rejoicing, and enlighten the reader/listener.  They serve as both a warning and keeping them results in reward.  No wonder David expresses their value in terms that money cannot buy.  With the special revelation of the Word of God comes increased accountability for all who have access to it.

David closes the chapter in prayer . . . a prayer that should be close to the heart of each person who understands the multiplied responsibility that is ours because of His revelation.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer.”  (v. 14)

This prayer draws attention to his thoughts and words.  Though you may argue that no one is aware of our thoughts or that words are insignificant, in reality, both have a huge impact on the person you are and the people with whom you have contact.  And both are of great interest to God.  As we fix our words and thoughts on the revelation of God made through creation and the written word, we can anticipate transformation.

Is it your genuine desire to please Him in word and thought?  Enough to internalize and apply His revelation through the Word to your life?  Enough to make this prayer your prayer in the days ahead?  Pause now to express the words of verse 14 to the Lord, your Rock and your Redeemer.

Steve Kern

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