November 20 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – David

Read Psalm 77:1-20

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the back of a car with my cousin, traveling down a Missouri highway and sharing Jesus with him. As far as I know, both of my uncles and their families aren’t believers. Back when the three of us kids weren’t in sports that required Christmas break practices (those are literally the worst), our family would always travel to my parents’ stomping ground of St. Charles, Missouri (suburb of St. Louis) to see our extended family. I have no recollection of how old I was at the time of this car ride, but my dad was driving while talking to my uncle about Jesus. In the back seat, I was talking to my cousin and I cited the verse about Jesus answering any prayer and giving us whatever we ask for. My cousin liked the idea of that and immediately asked God for a four-wheeler. Now, I knew that wasn’t how prayer worked, but I had no idea how to salvage the conversation. I know what you’re probably NOT thinking, “Great job, Jake. You nailed it! There’s no way that your cousin wasn’t saved through that conversation!” I’m guessing that, while my cousin looked outside for a four-wheeler, I was squinting my eyes trying to think back to what I learned in Sunday school that could get me out of this hole. Nothing came to mind.

Talk about awkward.

The question of unanswered prayer is one that is on the heart and lips of so many people. It’s a completely logical question to ask why God seemingly doesn’t always answer prayers. What happens when I pray for something and all I get is silence? As you just read, David was having very similar questions in Psalm 77.

The truth is that God answers EVERY prayer! It just may not be in the way that we want. He answers every prayer with either a “yes”, “no” or “not yet”. There is never a time where God ignores your prayer.

At the time of the writing of this devotional, Pastor Nick is about to preach on this very question, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayer?” Despite if you were in the service or not, it would be a good idea to re-watch or re-listen to the message.

Check out the link here to watch the sermon.

Some of the principles that Nick talked about that were encouraging to me were: 1) Prayer isn’t about getting my way; it’s about surrendering my will. 2) Waiting is never wasted and 3) Silence doesn’t mean absence.

Listen to Nick’s message and be encouraged! You are never ignored. Do you believe that God has a plan for your life and it’s what’s best for you?

Jake Lawson

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