November 22 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – David

Read Psalm 3:1-8

Have you ever been to the funeral of someone who “died at a ripe old age” and a well-meaning person remarked, “At least they lived a long full life.”? Like me, you may have even said those same words yourself. But have you ever stopped and pondered what the deceased was thinking in the days, weeks or moments prior to their death? Were they ready to meet Jesus, knowing He was going to welcome them with open arms? Were they scared? Like many folks, it’s not so much what happens the instant we take our last breath as it is, maybe, a fear of how we might suffer, prior to that turning of the page. No matter what our age, we certainly don’t want our departure to be marked with pain and suffering. Taking this thought to a new level, we can give thanks that, in all likelihood, none of us will endure the anxiety of being pursued by a legion of folks bent on our destruction.

In our reading today, David begins with, “How many are my foes? How many rise up against me?”. Yet, as David wrote these words, don’t miss the incredible backdrop to this song. It was penned when David was fleeing from his own son! The pain and anguish of that alone must have been unbearable.  And yet, from this place of deep grief and fear, David proclaims what he knows to be unshakably true, a truth we can absolutely proclaim for ourselves: God is our shield. He will lift our head and will always answer when we call out to him. We can sleep confident that the Lord will sustain us.  And don’t miss this – regardless of what is “assailing us on every side,” we do not have to fear. Financial hardship? Broken relationship? Betrayal? A health crisis? Anything that would come against you is not too hard for the Lord and from Him will come your deliverance.

Deliverance. Comfort. Peace. God provides it in many forms. Sometimes He strikes our enemies on the jaw, shattering the teeth of the wicked. Now there is retribution! As a dentist, I’ve seen many broken teeth. Sometimes, however, God’s intervention doesn’t so much change our circumstances as it lovingly surrounds us and ushers us through it. Yet, no matter how life looks, the Lord will always be there every step of the way. Even if you don’t feel like singing, it is no less true.  Selah! (Pause and ponder!)

Wade Karhan

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