November 23 – 35 Prayers in the Bible – David

Read Psalm 3: 1-8. . . .again

What? Didn’t we just have an Every Day with God devotional on Psalm 3 yesterday? Yes, we did. In it, we focused on God’s provision in the midst of difficulty, His deliverance from fear in the face of any challenge. But here is another tidbit that we can glean for today as well.

Verse 2: “Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him.”

If you have been a follower of Christ for any length of time, you have endured times of pain and heartache. Today, let’s turn the lens on those around us who watch us as we navigate those deep waters and walk through those fires.

For the watcher who has yet to embrace the love and hope found in Christ, I can envision at least two basic responses. When witnessing our trial, some observers will relate to similar feelings or difficulties they have encountered. Then, as they see how we respond, they are drawn to examine how we can possibly “sing” in the midst of our pain like David did in Psalm 3. It is in this way that the Holy Spirit may be drawing them to their own personal faith.

The second response is unfortunately less lovely. A response born out of wickedness, these folks choose instead to actively scorn the God of Heaven. They revel in mocking God, kicking us when we are down because of the Lord we love and serve. They shake their fists in God’s face.  As such, I’d like us to look at Psalm 3 in a bit larger context. Turn backwards in your Bible to 1 Samuel 17. A very young David struck down Goliath for defying the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel. He was deeply upset by the Philistine shouting curses by his gods.  Now flip forward to today’s Psalm.  A much older David hears many saying “God will not deliver him.” Is it possible that the same man whose anger burned when Goliath defied God is again just as angry that evil men are saying, in essence, “God can’t deliver him”? I find it very interesting that, at the end of this verse, the song is punctuated with “Selah” as an exclamation point, directing us to pause and ponder these last words.

I will leave you with the question God brought to my heart: When evil folks mock my God, am I more focused on my situation or am I incensed that they have chosen to defy my Lord?

Wade Karhan



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