November 30 – A New Agreement for the Promised Land

Read Deuteronomy 29:1-30:20

The descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had left the land promised them more than four centuries earlier.  They had gone to Egypt in search of food during a time of famine.  But, when the famine ended, their stay in Egypt did not.  While other nations overtook the land God had given them, they remained in the land of pyramids.  And in that land of pharaohs, even they became resident slaves.  Theirs was a hard life.

But God raised up Moses to lead them through difficulties and wandering.  The journey home would take them more than 40 years.  Many died en route.  Even Moses would only see the land.  He would die without actually entering it.

In those final days of the journey and in the final days of his own life, Moses gave the people of God clear warnings.  He voiced to the people a covenant (the Palestinian Covenant) that God was establishing with them.  This conditional covenant called the people to submission to the God who loved them and provided for them.  It offered life, blessing, and prosperity for their obedience.  It warned of death and adversity should they choose to turn their back on God (30:15-20).

Not only did the covenant outline the consequences for their potential choices, but it also contained a prophetic element to it.  God knew what their response and the response of their offspring would be.  The day would come when they would wander from the Lord and from His statutes.  As part of this covenant, He made clear that they would be sent into exile into other lands as punishment (29:22-28).

Thankfully, however, God also gave a promise to His people as part of the covenant.  The day would come when they would repent.  He would restore them as a nation to their land, judge their enemies, and give them prosperity.

Fast forward to the present day.  Israel is much in the news today.  The tensions in the land God promised His people are real.  Would you pause and pray that these people would turn to His Son and experience the restoration God has promised?


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