December 1 – David and a Savior

Read 2 Samuel 7:1-29

Our consideration of the covenants of the Bible has already afforded us the opportunity to witness the unfolding plan of God.

  1. Through the Eternal Covenant, we saw that God, before the creation of the world, had already planned His provision for the redemption of man in the sacrifice of Christ.
  2. In the Edenic Covenant, man was given privileges, responsibility, and warnings within the Garden of Eden. Violation was punishable by death.
  3. The Noahic Covenant included a promise from God that He would never again destroy the earth with a flood.
  4. With Abraham, God established a covenant guaranteeing land, descendants, and blessing.
  5. To Moses, God gave the commandments of the Law that were designed to point out mankind’s need for a Savior.
  6. Before entering the Promised Land, God outlined obedience as a condition for blessing.

In every one of these covenants, we see God setting the stage for the revelation of His Son.  And, now, we recognize that the Davidic Covenant is no different.

Recognizing the wonderful blessings he had received from his Heavenly Father, David purposed to build a temple that would serve as a more ornate and permanent dwelling place for God.  For centuries, “God’s house” had been a portable, makeshift tent.  In David’s mind, it was somehow inequitable that he, as the king, should enjoy a beautiful palace while the King of the Universe should “inhabit” such a dwelling.

But God had other plans.  David would not build a house for Him.  No, his son, Solomon, would construct it.

And then there was the house that God would build for David (vv. 11b-13).  The David Covenant, you see, is all about this house.  This “house” would not be built by Solomon.  No, it was to be established by one of David’s future descendants.  This covenant was confirmed with an oath (Ps. 89:30-37) and ultimately realized through Jesus, the offspring of Mary (Lk. 1:30-33).

From eternity past, you see, God the Father has been leaving a trail pointing us to our need for and His provision of His Son.  Today, we are blessed to live at a time on the other side of the Savior’s first coming but in anticipation of His second coming in which that eternal kingdom will be established.


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