December 16 – Behind the Christmas Card – Humility

Read Proverbs 27:2

A true message of Christmas is humble love with gratitude, purpose, and without comparisons.

“Humility is freedom from pride – lowliness, modesty and mildness.” (The Bible Dictionary). To humble ourselves is a condition of God’s favor (2 Chron. 7:14) and his supreme requirement (Mic. 6:8). Humility is encouraged (Prov. 15:33). Paul emphasized the humility of Jesus (Phil. 2:1-11), emphasized for us to be humble toward each other (Rom. 12:10) and spoke of himself as an example (Acts 20:19).

The birth of Jesus is the best example of humility.

Live with humble love, which was modeled from birth to death to resurrection by Jesus Christ!

In his book, Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow talks about how his parents made a rule when he was very young: He and his brothers couldn’t tell about their own feats –  usually sports related – unless they were asked about them. Apparently, there was quite a bit of bragging going on among Tim and his two brothers and others, and their parents wanted it to stop. So, at age 5, Tim and his brothers, Robbie (age11) and Peter (age 8), were not permitted to talk about what they had done well.

People and friends learned about the Tebow rule at church and in the community, so, whenever they wanted to know the latest news, they would go up to Tim on Sunday and ask, “Timmy, have you had any games this week?” Once that question was asked, the boys were permitted to freely talk about themselves and the weekend’s highlights.

We may be quick to boast about ourselves and justify it in many ways, but, in the process, we lose our focus on others and our call to serve and love others.

Now when you see Tebow talking about Night to Shine or other activities he is involved in, after years of practicing the lesson of Proverbs 27:2, you will notice that Tim is usually slow to speak about himself. Years of training have paid off.

The Christmas card is a great way to share the joy and miracle of Christmas with others. Let us continue this wonderful Christmas tradition with a humble, joyful and spiritual heart. Joy to the world!

Tom Weckesser

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