December 28 – Don’t be spiritually blind or ignorant

Read Amos 5:1-6:14

I am not proud of the fact that it has happened to me before…probably most often in my marriage.  I have been the guy who was at times simply “blind and ignorant.”  I have been blind to my mistakes and ignorant to the fact that I had hurt my beloved bride.  The painful realization of this is never fun, but it always leads to clarity and healing.

Apparently I am not alone.  In fact, the entire nation of Israel was guilty of a similar blindness and ignorance.  Assuming that everything was just fine, they were celebrating the Jewish feasts and bringing the right kinds of offerings (5:21-24).  They were enjoying some of the best things that life had to offer (6:4-6).  Still they were ignorant of the fact that their “acts of worship” were despised by the God of heaven.  They were blind to the reality of their own pride.  And they did not understand the imminent judgment that awaited them.

Although the Israelites enjoyed luxury, they had neglected just treatment of their fellow man.  Even though they went through the motions of worship, it seemed that God was not the only one to whom they devoted their worship.  As a result, God was going to send the Assyrians upon them.  He would use a godless nation to bring divine judgment upon them.  They would be subjected to the Assyrians and forced into exile.  Indeed, the price for their blind ignorance was high!

How do things look in your relationship with God?  Have you assumed that all is well, but, in reality, you are blind and ignorant?  You may be doing all of the right kinds of things when it comes to church attendance or even practicing spiritual disciplines like Bible reading and prayer.  Still, it is possible that God has a rival in your life.  It is possible that you are giving greater devotion to someone/something else.  It is possible that your spirituality is not currently trickling down into your thoughts and actions toward others.

Open your eyes from any blindness that might be there.  Inform your heart of any ignorance that may have allowed you to overlook something that is obvious to God!  Confess it to Him, and pursue Him with renewed devotion and abandon.

Steve Kern

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