January 5 – Good angel gone bad!

Read Ezekiel 28:11-19

As I write this, the world is punctuated with national and international tension.  What will happen in, around, and through the nations in the Middle East?  Will terrorists attack again?  Where?  Why does everything feel like it’s out of control?

But international power struggles and threats are nothing new.  As Ezekiel wrote these words in the 6th century b.c., Israel found itself at odds with Tyre.  But, in this case, there was more at play than an earthly king gone bad.  I believe these verses give us insight into what it was (or who it was) that powered the king.  Like a puppet, the king of Tyre was being used by another force.  This powerful being was one who…

  • Was created by God (v. 15)
  • Had been perfect and blameless (vv. 12, 15)
  • Was present in the Garden of Eden (v. 13)
  • Had been an anointed guardian cherub (v. 14)
  • Enjoyed a privileged position on the holy mountain of God (v. 14)

Ezekiel is speaking of an angelic being that was like a precious gem to God.

But this good angel went bad.  Wickedness was found in him (v. 15).  He became proud.  Isaiah 14 seems to give us more insight on what happened.  This angelic “morning star,” you see, aspired to the very position of God.  He wanted to become like The Almighty.

God, however, is unwilling to share His position with anything or anyone else.  Consequently, the Lord expelled this angel and his band of angelic followers (now referred to as demons) from his privileged position among the angels.  We experience the results of that yet today.  These fallen angels place themselves in opposition to God’s plan in individuals and in the world.

Today we often refer to him as “Satan” and his comrades as “demons.”  The Scriptures refer to him with a number of different titles and names such as “the devil,” “Lucifer,” “the dragon,” “the god of this world,” “the tempter,” “the accuser of the saints,” “Belial,” and “Beelzebul.”  Whatever his title, he opposes God and seeks influence in people and nations.

That is a good reason to pray!


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