January 7 – Satan Tempts

Read Genesis 3:1-24

Time has passed for Lucifer.  Having aspired to be like God, he and his entourage of followers were expelled from their position among the holy angels with their corresponding privileges.  What initially began as a conflict confined to the invisible heavenly realm between Satan and God now spreads to earth as the devil places mankind in his cross hairs.

Just a little twisting of the truth was all it would take.

  • “God didn’t really say that, did He? That seems awfully restrictive!”
  • “Surely you won’t experience any negative consequences!”
  • “In reality, God is withholding something good from you!”

It all sounded good, so Eve “took some and ate it.  She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.”  And the consequences of these first two humans giving in to Satan are unparalleled but still felt in our day.  Their sin has impacted every generation since.  As a result…

  • Women experience pain in giving birth (v. 16).
  • Creation is cursed (vv. 17-19).
  • Work became a toilsome enterprise (vv. 17-19).

While we are all likely familiar with these oft-cited repercussions, there are yet other realities we experience today that we speak of less frequently.  As a result of that first act of disobedience, you see, we experience still today the ongoing opposition of Satan (v. 15).  Still today, he seeks to lure people into his trap.  Echoes of the devil’s lies reverberate in our day.  Whether with you or with those around you, he attempts to convince people that down is up and that wrong is right.  You have likely heard of people laughing at the guidelines God has established.  They are being duped by the same kinds of satanic lies heard originally by Eve as Adam listened in.

But there is more.  Because of Adam’s sin, every individual is sinful.  We are born guilty because of Adam.  And we are unable not to sin because we have inherited a sin nature from him (v. 8; Rom. 5:12-21).

But we are not without hope.  In spite of Adam’s failure, a Second Adam has come.  Jesus Christ offers us hope!


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