January 11 – Satan on the Prowl

Read 1 Peter 5:1-14

Although I have been to Africa, I did not have the opportunity of going on an adventurous African safari.  I did not go out into the nothingness between villages where lions, elephants, giraffes, and rhinos live.  Just imagine, however, if you were traveling on foot without a tour guide, jeep-like vehicle, and pith helmet through the very terrain, where these animals were known to live.  There is no doubt that you would heed Peter’s advice at the beginning of verse 8:  “Be alert and of sober mind.”  Indeed, you would “be alert.”  Your head would turn with every noise that you heard.  You would constantly scan the horizon for signs of one of these animals.  But you would also be “of sober mind.”  After all, a sighting of one of these animals represented, not only a photo op, but also great danger.

Of course, that is the imagery and the caution that Peter is attempting to communicate.  Satan, you see, is like a roaring lion.  He is on the prowl.  He is looking for easy prey.  He wants to devour people.  His objective is to “steal, kill, and destroy” (Jn. 10:10).  We must, therefore, have our eyes open.  We dare not be naïve in thinking either that he does not exist or that somehow we are exempt from his potential attack.

It is interesting to note that he apparently does some of his best work in the context of suffering.  I am not suggesting that he is always the source of suffering.  That may at times be the case, as with Job.  At other times, however, his attack may be an attempt to convince you to jettison or compromise your faith in the midst of suffering.  It is then that we must “resist him” and “stand firm in the faith.”  Don’t cave in the midst of trials!

After all, suffering is not unique to you.  In fact, just think of those who have endured much more than you and yet they have remained faithful.  Stand firm!

In addition, remember that suffering is only for a little while.  Resist the attacks of the devil,knowing that the Savior will one day rescue you from them.  On that day, you will have no regrets for having stood firm in the faith!


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1 Response to January 11 – Satan on the Prowl

  1. Sherlyn Ireland says:

    I really enjoyed this reading. Satan is so real and very busy in our lives! I’m so happy I have Jesus to turn to for hope snd comfort.

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