January 17 – Best Year Yet – Are You Happy?

Read Psalm 37:1-40

Do these phrases ring a bell? “Don’t worry, be happy!” or “Happiness is a choice!”.  Songs and books have been written to help us take our thoughts and emotions to a place of happiness. Little children learn the song, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!” What if we sang that song today? Would you clap your hands because you’re happy?

We just finished a busy and full Christmas season of family gatherings and gift giving. If we look at the many Facebook posts and pictures of these events and don’t know what happened before or after, we could easily believe that they are all happy.

As I get older, I don’t expect to be happy every day.  Trying to reach an emotional happiness to fulfill me and bring me to a sweet spot of giddy delight is actually a lost cause. Why? Because, as I search scripture, I really can’t find that it is God’s desire for me to get what I want in order to be satisfied and delighted. Looking at God’s plan for my life through the lens of scripture gives me a better picture of reality. His plan brings me more joy that satisfies my deep desire: to know Him better and glorify His name. In knowing me and creating my heart and soul, He knows what I need. I don’t! This isn’t easy. I am a fallen woman learning to surrender on deeper levels all the time. Psalm 37 helps me to keep perspective…God’s perspective.

Look at a few instructions for us here in Psalm 37.

  • Vs. 5- Commit my way to Him; trust in Him
  • Vs.9- Hope in the Lord
  • Vs. 21- Give generously

It is interesting that a future inheritance is mentioned so often in this passage. The Lord has many blessings planned for those who follow and trust Him. What a great hope! Take a moment and make a list of these promises to focus on when you’re struggling with circumstances that are perplexing and difficult.

The daily situations I face give me an opportunity to “delight in the Lord” (vs. 4)…not to find happiness in my circumstances.

Let Him write the verses and you and I can sing the refrain to the familiar chorus, “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!” May your 2019 be filled with eternal joys and be the best year yet!

Celeste Kern




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