January 23 – Best Year Yet – Be the Best Friend You Can Be

Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

I don’t like to be needy.  I like to take care of things on my own and, when I can’t, I get a little grouchy.  It’s humbling to ask for help.  On the flip side, I have some amazing people in my life that will come running if I call.  It’s just that calling part. God knows I’m needy even when I won’t admit it.  He is a genius and knows we all have ‘neediness’ in common.  He says it best when he tells us that we’re better together.

I wrote the above paragraph about 17 hours ago and then just sat and stared at my computer screen.  Words would not come.  I prayed.  I journaled.  Nothing.  I was sitting on a pile of angst.  Do you know what an angst pile is?  It’s basically a life pile…a pile of to-do’s, concerns, difficulties, deadlines, decisions…you know, angst.  I had been texting with a friend in the morning and she reached out to me again last night while I was staring at my empty screen.  She had a feeling from our conversation earlier that I might be in need.  There’s that word again.  I don’t like it.  I know I need Jesus and I’m confident He is with me.  I figure He and I have it covered, and He is more than capable of meeting all of my needs.

He is, but sometimes He sends people.

What followed was some grumpy comments on my part and some positive ones on her’s.  Some truth back and forth.  Some honesty and some understanding.  Some well-timed, good news she knew that I needed to hear.  Some laughter…lots of laughter.  A little more venting and a whole lot of prayer.

Like it says in our passage in Ecclesiastes, I had fallen down, but sadly, I wasn’t willing to ask anyone to help me up.  God showed up and provided what I was too proud to ask for,  and you know what?  I felt lighter.  I was humbled, which is a hard and yet, perfect place to be to hear the voice of God.  I was inspired.  Best of all: I knew I was loved.

When our conversation was over, my angst pile was still there; that hadn’t changed.  What did change was having someone to share it with.  Not just anyone but someone that loves me and keeps pointing me to Jesus.

Godly friendship is like a breath of fresh air.  Who can you breathe life into by offering them friendship in 2019?

Shelly Eberly




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