January 31 – Finding Freedom from Futility

Read Ecclesiastes 4:1-16

Solomon is right!  Living life “under the sun”…in a fallen world without the Lord…is a futile endeavor.  It is filled with all kinds of experiences that cause pain and sorrow.  Undoubtedly, you have had your own run-ins with that…perhaps in areas like those Solomon identified in this chapter:

  1. Oppression (vv. 1-3)- Injustice in the world places some people under the cruel hand of others who repress them. People experience it on the basis of race, gender, age, nationality, political affiliation, or…just because!  You’ll find it on the school playground and in prison camps.  But God places His people in this world as ones who will seek justice and free people from oppression.
  2. Envy (vv. 4-6)- James says that this is the root cause of fights (Js. 4:1-3). Solomon points out how it leads to anything but peace!  Meanwhile, God calls His people to be marked by characteristics like contentment and generosity.
  3. Loneliness (vv. 7-12)- Without others to go through life with, a person is inefficient in work, helpless in time of trouble, and overpowered by opposition. God, therefore, calls His people to engage in relationships where they seek to bless and help each other.

Your conclusions about life do not have to parallel the “chasing after the wind” bottom line that Solomon found.  If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, He has called you out of the world and has given you purpose.  He wants to use you as a voice against oppression and injustice.  His plan is that you find contentment in what you have instead of coveting what you lack.  He provides others in the body of Christ who can bless you and whom you can bless.  You must choose, however, to view life from His perspective!  You must view life from a vantage point that raises you above the natural, day-to-day experiences.  Your point of view must be forged in the fire of God’s word that offers you eyes to see the divine, eternal plan and will of God.

Steve Kern

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