February 3 – Come In Out of the Wind

Read Ecclesiastes 7:1-29

In 1974, a tornado destroyed the town of Xenia, Ohio.  “Pieces of Xenia” landed everywhere, including our back yard 120 miles away.  Just imagine being a resident of Xenia at the time and trying to find some of your lightweight valuables after the tornado!  Your efforts would be in vain.  That “chasing after the wind” is the word picture Solomon uses repeatedly to remind you of life’s meaninglessness.

Has life always been that way…empty and purposeless?  If not, what happened that caused it?  Anthropologists and psychologists have lingered long over questions like these.  Yet, Solomon gives us the answer at the end of this chapter, written in classic proverbial style.

This only have I found: God made mankind upright, but men have gone in search of many schemes.”  (v. 29)

You see, God originally made man with purpose and without sin.  Man carried fulfilling responsibility and enjoyed a right relationship with God.  But then, the first man and the first woman responded to Satan’s schemes.  They went searching for something they were told God was withholding from them.  Indeed, God had withheld things like suffering, pain, death, relational tension, and a purposeless “chasing after the wind” from those He loved deeply.  But Adam and Eve fell headlong into them.  Ever since their response to Satan’s schemes, all men and women have experienced the very things from which God had initially protected them.

At times, the vanity of life “chasing after the wind” is more obvious than others.  But it is perhaps never more real than when we step into the house of mourning (v. 2).  It is in the face of death that we truly ask ourselves, “What is it that is important?  What is it that has purpose?”

How, then, do people “come in out of the wind” and receive forgiveness from their wandering ways, reconnect with their Creator, and discover purpose in this life?  The answer is found in a letter with your mailing address on it.  The Bible tells us that Christ offers you forgiveness, divine relationship, and reason for living.  Check out stories of some people you know who have discovered that at www.iamsecond.com.

Steve Kern

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