February 7 – Too late

Read Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:8

It was tragic.  A funeral that caught everyone by surprise.  Days before…hours before…seconds before…he had seemed completely healthy and active.  He was only in his thirties.  He probably would have laughed at the suggestion that his life could end any time in the foreseeable future.  But end it did as he was struck unexpectedly by a vehicle.  His funeral was filled with people impacted not only by the reality but also by the suddenness of his passing.

That’s a true story.  Do I think something like that will happen to you today?  No.  I suppose it could be argued that we preacher types are given to the use of unlikely morbid stories in order to illicit a response.  That may well be the case, but I think you will have to agree that life is brief, isn’t it?  Whether you or I pass in one year, 21 years, or 51 years, we (and those close to us) will likely say that it was sooner than we had hoped!

No wonder Solomon, “the Teacher,” counsels his readers in Ecclesiastes 12 to “remember your Creator in the days of your youth.”  In other words, don’t wait any longer to make the Lord an integral, daily part of your life.  Don’t postpone it for another day when you are older.  Some people promise, “One day, I will make that a priority.” Or “Don’t worry, I will deal with that before I die.”  But repeatedly, verses 1-7 point out that we should do so now.  Do it now, even if you are still “enjoying life” (v. 1).  Make it a priority now before your eyesight worsens (v. 2).  Give Him first place today before fears of the latter years of life increase (vv. 3, 5).  Seek Him before your hearing wanes or your stature changes (vv. 3, 4).  Remember Him.  Not just in a passing point in time, but as the daily Director of your life.  Remember Him before it is too late.

Why not pause now to surrender to Him control for today?  And tomorrow, do the same.  And the next day…

Steve Kern

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