February 13 – We are ALL IN!

Read Colossians 1:28, 29

I am all in!

My name is Steve Kern. I am married to Celeste. We have three adult children, two daughters-in-law, two grandsons, and, contrary to Pastor Nick’s preferences, a cat. Celeste and I served as missionaries in Germany for six years. More recently, I have been part of the Grace Church staff for the last fourteen years.

My “all in” experience with Jesus began more than 40 years ago. Like Peter in today’s reading, I came to Christ through fishing. I did lots of it in my teen years. As I fished in local ponds near our house, I met a neighbor, who also enjoyed fishing. No, the neighbor did not catch my attention and wow me by telling me where to cast my line in order to make a big catch. He did, however, befriend me. He told his story of how he came to faith in Jesus, and he told me of how Christ died for my sin, was buried, and rose again. I was hooked.

For Peter, there was a big catch followed by a big step. The big catch involved fish. The big step had everything to do with Jesus. He stepped out to follow Jesus. For him, it meant leaving the familiar behind…the boats, the nets, and even his father and the family business.

After hearing the essence of the gospel, I gave my life to Christ. I began to follow him and to give priority to fishing for men. I can’t say that I fully understood all of the implications of my initial commitment to follow Him on that day by the side of the pond. Instead, following Jesus has been a series of smaller, “next steps.”

It is no surprise, then, that my current role at Grace Church allows me to give oversight to our “Next Steps Team.” While every member of this team continues to take his/her own personal steps in following Jesus, we have the privilege of helping others to follow Jesus through things like baptism, Bible reading, group involvement, intentional serving, and short-term mission trips. We would love to help you as you seek to follow Christ. Check it out at https://woostergrace.org/next-steps/.

Steve Kern

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