February 21 – We are ALL IN!

Read 1 Timothy 4:12

Few things in this world get me more excited than people discovering their potential in Christ. When someone gets the chance to find freedom and utilize their skills and abilities to build the Kingdom, it brings a joy to my heart that is indescribable.

That joy multiplies whenever it’s a student discovering a passion for Kingdom-building.

Students have such an incredible opportunity to spread the Gospel. They’re surrounded by their friends at school, on their teams, and on social media. They have access to the hearts of so many people.

It’s been my joy to get to walk alongside our middle school students as they begin to learn what it means to have the ability to influence others. It’s been such a joy to see them grow through mission trips, inviting their friends, and through their personal walk with Christ.

Whenever I consider how students can impact the people around them, I am reminded of what Paul writes to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12.

He brings recognition to the fact that, just because someone is young, doesn’t mean they don’t have influence. And even more so – what kind of example they can set for believers when, even at a young age, they choose to live out their faith in their speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.

Seeing a student who is willing to take their next step by beginning to influence the people around them, moving from a “me, me, me!” attitude to an others first mindset, is something that few people get to see. How lucky am I that it’s a part of my job on a regular basis!

Nothing compares to the feeling of hearing a middle school student say, “I invited 3 of my friends to come to Grace Students this weekend! I really hope they come!”

It is consistently such a blessing for my wife, Jess, and me to see our students grow in their faith as they walk alongside others and share the Good News with them. It is my joy to be ALL IN with our student ministries here at Grace!

Sean Snyder

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