February 25 – Transformation Testimonies – Abraham

Read Genesis 15:1-21 & 22:1-23

Have you ever asked for something continually for a very long time? Maybe you asked for the same thing for Christmas for many years. Maybe you have asked a friend for a favor for a really long time. Maybe you even asked God for something repeatedly through many consecutive prayers. You may have asked that He open up the perfect job for you, or that He will get you out of a mess that you are in.

In Abraham’s life, he and his wife had been asking for a baby boy for many, many years. Back in that time, a son was an heir to the family, set to inherit all the wealth and power of the family; no heir and your family name stops.

God had promised that they would have a child, and they almost didn’t believe Him. Years passed and, just as God had promised, Sarah conceived Isaac in her old age. He was a gift from God! Their doubt soon turned to joy as they rejoiced in the birth of their long awaited son.

A few years passed and God came to Abraham in Genesis 22 with a strange request. Imagine where Abraham is in his life right now; he is old and is still rejoicing in the miracle of his son, Isaac. Imagine Abraham teaching young Isaac about how to tend to the flocks and handle the family finances. God came to Abraham and asked Him to take Isaac to the top of Mount Moriah and make a sacrifice. Simple enough, right? No, God wanted Isaac to be the sacrifice!

“YOU WANT WHAT?!” Can you just hear Abraham call out to God? “You just gave this boy to me and you want me to sacrifice him to you?” Despite how much Abraham wanted to disobey, he gathered his things, including Isaac, and headed for the mountain. How do you think Abraham would be feeling on the walk to the mountain? As Isaac was bound and about to be slain by his father, God interrupted. He praised Abraham for his faith and provided a goat to take the place of Isaac.

Imagine the line of transformation that has taken place in Abraham’s life. From the sadness of not having an heir to the joy of now having one, to the horror of having to sacrifice him. You may be asking God for things in your life; do you really trust Him for the outcome? Do you believe that God has your best interest in mind?

Jake Lawson

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