March 6 – Transformation Testimonies – Hosea

Read Hosea 1:1-11 & 3:1-5

How far are you willing to go to obey God? If God wants to accomplish something great in this world, how far are you willing to go to be a part of it? What is often the case is that we jump on board to this whole Jesus thing thinking that we are going to live a perfect life. However, when things start to get difficult for us, we second guess ourselves. “Wasn’t this life supposed to be trouble free? If I believe in God, shouldn’t He ease all my troubles?” When something is transformed, it is taken from its current state and made into something great. If you want God to transform you, you need to know, and believe, that God can use you in whatever state of life you’re in; He can use anything in this world for His glory.

Consider the story of Hosea. He was an Old Testament prophet and a living object illustration for the nation of Israel. God instructed Hosea to do some things that we would not think would be in a prophet’s job description. When you think of a biblical prophet, normally you think of someone who has good standing with the people and is recognized as a man of God.

In chapter 1, God instructs Hosea to take for himself a wife who is a prostitute. This was something that would have initially caused Hosea to doubt his calling. Talking with a prostitute was very looked down upon in that day and age and marrying one would be even worse. The Bible doesn’t share with us Hosea’s immediate reaction. All we know is that God instructed him in verse 2 and verse 3 starts with, “So he went and took Gomer…”. As absurd as this request was, Hosea still followed through. He knew that God had a plan, and he was willing to be transformed and used to reach the multitudes.

The principle of Hosea’s obedience rings true in our lives today. What are you willing to do to obey God? To what lengths will you go to bring glory to God? In Hosea’s life, it involved doing something that would cause people to look at him differently. He knew that in order to be transformed, he had to allow God to do whatever was needed in his life for the greater good. How far are you willing you go?

Jake Lawson

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