March 15 – Transformation Testimonies – The Adulterous Woman

Read John 8:1-11

You’ve been caught. Not only were you caught, you were caught in the act. The crime you just committed was worthy of nothing less than death. How would you feel? What would you be thinking? To make matters worse, the people who caught you in the act of sin drag you through the streets, into the center of the city and place you at the feet of God Himself.  Imagine the horror! You are laying at the very feet of God in human form, the God who created both the law that you just broke and the punishment for it. In your mind, Jesus Himself is about to condemn you to death. Are you afraid of death? Because you’re a moment away from seeing it face to face.

John 8 describes this very scene. A woman was caught in the act of adultery. The Pharisees and religious teachers dragged her through the city and into the temple to drop her at the feet of Jesus, asking Him what should be done. “According to the law,“ they said, “such people should be stoned. What say you?” Here Jesus is, the just creator of the law they are trying to pin on Him. At the same time, He is the merciful God that wants all people to be saved. What would you say?

As you prop yourself up at the feet of Jesus, He bends down right in front of you and writes in the dirt with His finger. Confused, the accusers gather around you to see what was being written. Jesus calmly says to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her”. He then bends down and writes something again. You turn around to see the faces of your accusers change from rage and pride to shock and embarrassment as they, one by one, turn around and leave the temple. When everyone had left, Jesus stands you up and tells you that He doesn’t condemn you of your sins, but forgives you!

To note is that God did not fail to call out the woman’s sin, “Go and sin no more.” Instead of death being the punishment for sin, there was now forgiveness through Jesus. As humans, we continue to sin every day. Jesus came so that, in spite of our sins, we can receive forgiveness for them, repent and enter into eternal life with Him. Living a transformed life is knowing that your sins are forgiven and you can live eternally with God.

Jake Lawson

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