April 2 – Mountaintops – Mount of Transfiguration

Read Matthew 17:1-9

Peter, James and John witnessed their Master transformed before their eyes. Jesus was standing radiantly with two Old Testament heroes, Abraham and Elijah. Peter, feeling the need to say something as usual, offers some classic Jewish hospitality to the glorious guests. It’s cMount Hermonlear that Peter and the rest had no idea what was really happening here. I find it somewhat humorous that Peter’s talking is interrupted by the thundering voice of God which seemingly ignores Peter’s offer of hospitality.

After being calmed down from being scared out of their minds, the disciples headed back down the mountain with Jesus. No doubt Peter was thinking, “Andrew is gonna flip when I tell Him what happened!” But Jesus told His disciples not to tell anyone what they saw. Why?

The key is that Jesus said not to tell until He is resurrected.[1] In Mark’s description, the disciples were confused at this and discussed with each other what Jesus rising from the dead might mean. They did not get it. A lot of what the disciples witnessed in Jesus’ ministry went right over their heads at the time. John mentions in his Gospel that they did not understand things at first, but when Jesus was glorified, they remembered everything that was said and comprehended with new eyes.

Jesus appearing with Abraham and Elijah was reassurance that the Old Testament promises of a saving Messiah were coming true. Most believed that the Messiah would be a fierce warrior, though, who would come to conquer Rome and set up a kingdom for Israel. If the disciples told people of the experience they had, this would have just heightened the madness and misunderstanding of what Jesus came to do. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He was not a political activist; His kingdom is not of this world. He came to die for the world and in so doing conquered death itself.

What misconceptions of Jesus do we entertain in our minds? We may not say it, but we may feel like Jesus is obligated to bless us. We may not say it, but we may act like Jesus needs us to contribute to our salvation. We may not say it, but we may believe that Jesus is uninvolved or ineffective in our lives.

Stamp out the lies Satan tells you with truth from God’s Word!

Nathan Harley

[1] Robert L. Thomas and Stanley N. Gundry, A Harmony of the Gospels

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