April 6 – Mountaintops – High Mountain of Revelation

Read Revelation 21:1-22:21

I love going to the mountains!  I love the view of the mountains and the view from the mountains.  The view of the mountains is always majestic as they tower above my valley vantage point.  And the view from the mountains is always exciting as I view things below from a different angle.

John’s perspective of the future New Jerusalem was a view from the mountain.  He was “carried away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high” (21:10).  And from that elevation, he was able to view the grandeur of what God has prepared for His people for eternity.  The city was aglow with the glory of God.  It was 1,400 miles in each direction and surrounded by a high wall.  Gates made out of pearls and bearing the names of Jacob’s twelve songs punctuated the walls.  And the walls themselves were laid on twelve foundations composed of precious and semiprecious stones that bear the names of the twelve apostles.  Of course the description of John’s incredible view extends well beyond the few things mentioned in these lines.

But there is still another perspective that we gain from his mountaintop vantage point that may be less obvious.  From John’s view, we also gain a panoramic view of God’s plan.

  1. His plan started with a beautiful garden and a tree of life, and it will end with beauty and a tree of life as well.  The tree of life had been available for Adam and Eve.  But then, after they ate from the wrong tree, angels brandishing fiery swords prevented them from eating and living forever in their sinfulness.  In eternity, that tree will be accessible, bearing a different fruit every month.  Even its leaves will provide healing.
  2. His plan that included patriarchs, tribes, and apostles was not random.  All of it led to the provision of Abraham’s offspring and his seed of Jesus.  All of it led to the spread of blessing to all nations.  That incredible plan, that may have seemed puzzling at times, fits together beautifully and is wondrously portrayed in the foundation and walls of the city.

Praise God for His incredible plan and our hope-filled future!

Steve Kern

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