April 14 – Passion Week Report – Palm Sunday

Celebrated Arrival of Jesus

Read Luke 19:29-44

JERUSALEM, Sunday, spring ca. 30 a.d. – Crowds gathered on streets outside of Jerusalem today as Jesus of Nazareth rode from the Mount of Olives towards the Holy City. With loud exclamations of “Hosanna” and the waving of palm branches, the renowned miracle worker was lauded as a king.

While most government dignitaries ride horses, Jesus is reported to have ridden on a donkey. When asked about this unusual mode of transportation, Andrew, a former fisherman turned follower replied, “We were just following the Master’s instructions. The donkey didn’t even belong to us. He told us where to find it, and the owner let us borrow it.” Andrew further connected the donkey ride with Zechariah’s prophecy (Zech. 9:9), suggesting that Jesus is also the promised King and source of salvation.

His close followers were not the only ones lining the streets and celebrating His entrance. Hundreds of others also turned out. One enthusiast stated her reasons for coming, “My brother-in-law had been blind. But, after an encounter with Jesus, he is now able to see! We just had to come and celebrate.” Indeed, Christ’s miraculous deeds of healing, feeding of large crowds, and even walking on water have garnered the attention of countless people throughout the land from Judea to Galilee in recent years.

Shouts and cheers of “Hosanna to the son of David!” clearly rang out as Jesus passed by. From Zechariah’s prophecy to this statement of relationship with David, it is clear that many gathered anticipate that Jesus will one day reign as king. Meanwhile, press secretary for King Herod refused to comment.

But the atmosphere was not celebratory for all. While the majority cheered, a handful of Pharisees in the crowd saw these statements as blasphemous and demanded that Jesus correct them. He refused.

Careful onlookers also observed Jesus Himself mourning in the end. As the city came into view, He was overwhelmed with grief and wept. He grieved knowing that, while many recognized Him as Savior and King, the city before him had failed to respond.


Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I am among those reveling today in the reality of His kingdom and the anticipation of salvation. I am living this Passion Week mindful of His greatness. I will take advantage of these days knowing that there are people the King wants to gather to Himself. I am inviting them to join me this weekend for Easter at Grace.

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