April 18 – Passion Week Report – Thursday Arrest

Jesus Arrested

Read Matthew 26:36-56

JERUSALEM, late Thursday, spring ca. 30 a.d. –Jesus of Nazareth was taken into custody late this evening. Jewish officials report that he was apprehended somewhat peacefully in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The arrest comes on the heels of growing antagonism between Jesus and religious leaders. Grounds for his arrest are yet unclear. Officials are reporting concerns that He represented both a threat to the Jewish faith and also to the Roman government. Contrary to Jewish law, it is anticipated that allegations will be weighed through the night. Jewish officials desire to accelerate the process in light of the looming annual Passover festival.

Jesus and His disciples had allegedly spent the day in the city. In the evening, they made their way to the Garden. Initial reports indicate that Judas Iscariot, one of His own followers led a large group of armed men to take Jesus into custody. Judas could not be found for comment about the reasons for his action.

Eyewitnesses say that Simon Peter, another of Jesus’ followers was the only one to become aggressive. Purportedly, the disciple swung a sword in defense of his master. An armed man from the crowd sustained injuries to his ear.

In the end, Jesus went away peacefully. Meanwhile, His followers scattered in fear and were not available for interviews.


Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I was part of the crowd gathered to arrest the man that evening. I came with a club in hand. In fact, I was the man who sustained the ear injury. It could have been much worse. The Simon guy was swinging wildly. He could have hit me more directly.

I started to go into shock seeing my ear lying on the ground and feeling the blood running down my face and neck. The bigger shock came next. Jesus, the very man we were arresting, reached out and restored my ear!

I have been asking myself ever since, “How could a man being arrested be so gracious to one who didn’t care if He lived or died?” If I only had such compassion for people! You can’t tell anything ever happened to my ear, but I don’t know if the rest of me will ever be the same.


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