April 21- Passion Week Report – Sunday Resurrection

Jesus’ Tomb is Empty!

Read Matthew 28:18-20

JERUSALEM, Sunday, spring ca. 30 a.d. – The tomb of Jesus of Nazareth was found empty today!

After His controversial execution by crucifixion on Friday, two men took the body of Jesus. Just prior to the beginning of the Sabbath late Friday, they placed it in a tomb belonging to one of the men. This morning, the tomb was empty.

While all are in agreement that the tomb is empty, stories conflict about what actually happened to the body of Jesus. Jewish officials are claiming that His followers stole the body. Meanwhile, followers of Jesus report that He has been raised from the dead.

Already on Friday, Jewish leaders, were concerned that Jesus’ followers would do something with His body. To prevent the disciples from stealing the body and making claims about a resurrection, they secured the tomb with a seal and a guard. In spite of their efforts, one of the guards gave this description of what happened: “Saturday had been a long day. Even though we did all that we could to fight sleep through the night, we still dozed in the early morning hours today. It was during that time that the disciples came and took the body of Jesus.”

Meanwhile, followers of Jesus report that He has been raised from the dead. Women were the first to makes such claims after arriving at the empty tomb around sunrise. Multiple followers of Jesus report eyewitness encounters with Him throughout the day. Thomas, one of His disciples, states, “I heard the reports of His resurrection. I had my doubts, and I expressed them to others who were convinced. The next thing I knew, Jesus was right there with us. He even invited me to touch the wounds inflicted by the crucifixion. It really was Him. He is alive!”

Perhaps the days ahead will make clear what really happened.


Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

Does it not seem odd that the very guards placed at the tomb to prevent His body from being stolen are now claiming that it was taken?

I am an eyewitness of the risen Jesus. A friend and I were walking to Emmaus when we encountered Him. After recognizing Him, we scurried back over the seven mile path to Jerusalem to tell His other followers. Words cannot express the way our hearts felt! He is alive! I will spend the rest of my days hurrying to tell others.


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