April 25 – Songs of Praise – Hannah’s Song

Read I Samuel 1:1-2:10

I wonder at what point the music of Hannah’s song began.  When did God hear the praise of her heart even as she offered Him the very hope it held?  Scripture tells us that as soon as Hannah gave Samuel to the LORD, she prayed the song of praise we read today.  But I am inclined to believe that God heard her praise, her sacrifice of worship, much earlier than that.  Was it when Hannah stood up from the meal, having resolved to hand her misery over to the only One Who could help?   Did her song begin as Hannah bitterly wept, pouring out her soul and the pain of her childlessness?  Perhaps the music started playing in God’s perfect hearing as Hannah walked the long miles up to Shiloh in order to offer all the hope she possessed, all that God had given her.

My mind struggles to grasp the magnitude of Hannah’s sacrifice and, consequently, the depth of her worship.  As a mother who prayed for and loved my own children even before they were conceived, I find it difficult to imagine bearing a child fully intending to release him or her before adulthood.  Call me crazy, but I find it even more difficult to imagine offering that child to God Himself and then singing a song of praise to Him for it.  In fact, I think I would have secretly expected Him to let me keep the child.

But not Hannah.  Nope.  She gave God the very son for whom she had pleaded and then praised Him with an amazingly full heart as He accepted her offering.  Hannah knew from Whom her son had come.  And she knew to Whom she offered him back.  Hannah knew with firm and solid conviction that God the LORD was worthy of every last ounce of joy and hope that she possessed.  So she offered it to Him in the form of her only son, and with great sure satisfaction.

I’m guessing the song the LORD heard continued long after that day at Shiloh when Hannah gave Samuel up to Him.  I think the praise song of her life was only just beginning.

I wonder what God hears when upon our offerings of praise.  Does he hear clashing notes and off-key singing as we grudgingly agree to offer our Saturday mornings to help rake someone’s leaves or buy cans for a food drive?  Or does God hear beautiful music as we offer all that have with the same truth as Hannah did?  What’s your song?

Bria Wasson

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