April 28 – Me & My Big Mouth – Colossians 4

Read Colossians 4:2-6

“Me and My Big Mouth!” That is the title of both our current sermon series and of this devotional series. The title implies that my mouth and your mouth can get us in trouble. We use those title words often as we express some kind of regret over something that we have said.

With the Spirit’s help, however, we must learn that our mouth is more than something that we need to learn to tame…to prevent from saying things that we live to regret. As Paul points out here, your mouth and mine is a powerful instrument that should verbalize gratitude, gospel clarity, and grace. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Gratitude – In the context here, Paul is calling the readers to prayer. How is your commitment to prayer? Are you faithful in it in times of crisis? Certainly, the Lord is “an ever present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). As the apostle reminds us, however, thanksgiving should also flow freely and frequently from our lips.

Gospel Clarity – In addition to prayer marked by gratitude, Paul specifically asked these believers to pray for opportunity to clearly share the mystery of Christ. The message of Christ is a mystery. In Paul’s day, people did not yet grasp the idea that both Jew and Gentile have access to God through faith in Jesus. In our day, the mystery remains for some. They have not heard the message of Christ. It is counter intuitive to their works mentality or their reluctance to call any way the right way. You and I get to pray that those proclaiming the message can do so clearly. And we can also seek to clearly express the gospel.

Grace – Paul says that our conversations should be “full of grace.” There are many dimensions to grace-filled speech. Certainly, part of that reality is the fact that we are regularly pointing to the grace of God. We are faithful witnesses of Christ. At the same time, grace-filled speech will be demonstrated as we talk to and about other people. Rather than being critical, unforgiving, and devaluing others, we extend grace that overlooks weaknesses and offers another chance…and another…and another.

The words of our mouths should verbalize gratitude, express gospel clarity, and extend grace. Which of those is your strength? Which of those is your weakness?

Steve Kern

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