May 5 – Me & My Big Mouth – Proverbs 18

Read Proverbs 18:21

“We shall only talk of peace when we have won the war. The Jewish capitalist world will not survive the twentieth century.” With words such as this, Adolf Hitler launched the world into its second full scale war. Around six years later, an estimated 56 million people around the world were dead.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”

Throughout this series, we have been talking about how our words have power. Maybe you have experienced it from a receiving or sending standpoint. However, do you believe it? Do you know just how much power your words have? Hitler literally catapulted the world into war, yes through his actions, but also through the words that he said. Over the years, rivalries have been started, friendships have been ruined and families have been torn apart over words spoken.

We are halfway through this series and I wanted to take the time to refocus all of us. We must not lose sight of the fact that our words are extremely powerful. It is our prayer that you have seen this through the writings over the past week.

The bottom line is this: it all comes down to a choice. Are you going to use your words to poison or to encourage? Are you going to use your words to uplift others or tear them down? Are you going to mend relationships or are you going to drive a larger wedge between you? It all comes down to a choice.

We may not be convinced of the fact that our words are powerful. I have often heard people say, “Oh, well, a word’s a word” as an excuse to say whatever they want and feel good about themselves. Matthew 12 tells us that we will all have to give an account one day for every word that we have spoken. When you’re standing in front of Jesus and your entire vocabulary is laid out for all to see, how will you react? Will you tell Jesus, “Oh, well, a word’s a word?”

Our words are a big deal. The difference between positive and negative words is black and white…life and death.

As we finish out this series this week, how is your speech going to be different? In what ways are you going to change your speech in order to honor God and benefit others? Don’t allow another moment to go by without making the commitment to take care with what you say.

Jake Lawson

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