May 12 – Welcome to Israel!

Read Genesis 12:1-8

“Welcome to Israel!”

I never get tired of saying those words!  For many, a trip to Israel is a lifelong dream, an ambition that never dies in the heart of a child of God.  For some, it represents years of hoping, dreaming, saving and planning.

A trip to the Holy Land includes many surprises.  I always tell passengers, “When you travel internationally, expect the unexpected!”  You never know when you will experience a flight delay, encounter some problem at a border crossing or need a change in the itinerary.  But one thing is certain – you are never the same!  Your hunger for the Word of God increases, your love for Jesus comes alive, even your friendship with fellow travelers is enhanced.

For the next 30 days, you will read the lessons and applications God has provided me through more than 25 years of visiting the land of our Lord.    These devotionals are organized largely around the chronology of the Bible.  Therefore we focus first on Old Testament accounts, then New Testament details.   Of course, it’s impossible to cover all the stories, so this will provide an overview of significant people and places.

These readings are designed to introduce you to four main characters of the Old Testament:  Abraham, Moses, David and Daniel, who lived approximately 500 years apart.  Later we turn our attention to John the Baptist, then the Lord Jesus, as we uncover God’s plan of redemption for this world.  Each reading provides an opportunity to gain greater clarity about the stories and events contained in the pages of Scripture.  Every day provides one soul-stirring highlight after another!

One thing is certain – a trip to the Holy Land will change your life.  You will never read the same Bible.  It is my sincere prayer that these devotionals will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to walk where Jesus walked, or perhaps rekindle a visit you enjoyed in the past.  I’ve tried to capture the essence of the teaching and themes from each location, but the spiritual impact is best experienced in person!

May God bring His Word alive as you “Walk the Bible in 30 days!”

In His Matchless Grace –

Pastor Bob Fetterhoff

One thought on “May 12 – Welcome to Israel!

  1. WOW! It is so true that a trip to the Holy Land is life changing and makes the Bible come alive as you read it. My problem is that I have continually wanted to return there to dig deeper and experience again the joy of walking where Jesus walked.

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