May 28 – Trip to the Holy Land – The Dead Sea


Theme: Serving

Read Romans 12:3-8

It’s one of the most fascinating spots on earth. It also happens to be the lowest place you can step on this planet. The Dead Sea rests 1300 feet below sea level. Springs at the base of Mt Hermon in Upper Galilee supply water for the Jordan River which empties into this catch-basin more than 100 miles south.

No question about it… it’s dead! I’ve never seen a fisherman along its banks or a fishing boat with a large catch. More than a dozen minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium are mined from its waters. But nothing lives there!!

What causes all that dead-ness?? The Dead Sea has no outlet. Water flows in but does not flow out.

Oh, it looks beautiful – especially to a thirsty hiker who has walked the hot trails of the Judean desert. But you won’t find a refreshing drink  here! In fact, if you try to float in the Dead Sea, don’t get the water in your eyes or mouth! It’s painful!!

What a valuable lesson for every Christ-follower! The Apostle Peter wrote: “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others….” (1 Peter 4:10a NIV). God has sovereignly given His children gifts to use to honor Him and help others. When we refuse to use what God has given us, we become like the Dead Sea … all intake and no outflow. In fact, others find it painful to be with us because we are so self-centered.

No wonder Jesus called us to a life of service! He even said, “…Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” (Matthew 20:26b – NIV)  So think about how you “taste” to others today.  Are you bitter and self-centered – even painful to be around? Or are you a “breath of fresh air“ – even life-giving – because you use what God has given you to bless others?

Prayer of reflection:  Father, thank you for the gifts You have given me.  Would You empower me to use those for Your glory and the good of others?

Bob Fetterhoff

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