July 5 – His story : Man’s Rescue – Creation

Read Genesis 1:1-2:24

HIS story is one that defies the human logic, by which our minds want to operate. As we search for chronological and spacial hooks to hang our understanding on, we don’t find any. In “the beginning” as He set into motion the cadence of time and as He called into existence the three-dimensional features of objects and space, He was already there. He predated it. He is eternal. And from eternity past, He existed as the three-in-one God—Father, Son, and Spirit. He was fully satisfied but apparently desiring a realm in which His glories could be reflected and appreciated.

And so, He created…the heavens with all of the complexities of stars, planets, and orbits…the earth with just the right tilt, orbit, and rotation to allow for 24-hour days, four seasons, and 365 day years…the moon with just the right position to give kids young and old a great time at the beach…the ecosystems that provide optimal interplay of different plants and animals with each providing what the other needs.

For six days He created…initially without using preexisting materials…He just spoke. And finally, on the last day, He put the icing on the cake. He created His crème de la crème…a man and a woman. The man was the product of the dust of the ground, and his wife was the result of the rib of her husband. But in spite of their humble origins, they alone shared the reflection of His image. He created them uniquely that way, giving to them dominion and responsibilities, freedoms and boundaries. And with them, He enjoyed rich fellowship in the garden they called home.

That’s nothing short of amazing! Heaven collides with earth. The eternal crosses paths with the temporal. The God of the universe created, loves, and longs for relationship with us earth dwellers. HIS story intersects with yours. HIS story, you see, is not a compilation of random facts and events from history. It is much more than that. His story is God at work in leading the people and the events and the experiences of this world toward a beautiful ending where He stands above everything and everyone as supreme and honored.

Steve Kern

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