July 10 – His story : Man’s rescue – Jacob

Read Genesis 27:1-46

You can fool all of the people some of the time; some of the people all of the time; but can you fool Dad?

Earthly dads? Apparently so. But this trick was not going to be easy to pull off. This mother really wanted her second born son to receive the father’s treasured blessing…one reserved for the first born. Jacob would have to be first to his father’s side with a tasty meal of wild game. He would have to sound like his brother, smell like his brother, and his skin would even have to feel like his brother’s. And the food would have to taste like the wild game that his brother was known for.

As Jacob waltzed into his father’s presence, things did not start off well. Dad questioned his voice. He sounded like Jacob. Any attempts he made at voice impersonation failed miserably. But, the smell of the garments, the feel of the goatskin, and the taste of the food caused Dad to unquestionably lift his voice in blessing…of the wrong son. Yep, Jacob (and his mother) fooled Dad!

What about our Heavenly Father? Can you fool Him? He had promised that Abraham’s descendants would be numerous, that they would inherit land, and that the peoples would be blessed through his descendant. Clearly this treachery and deceit did not please God. But, even though this appears as a great injustice on the human level, God used even the contrived deception of a mother and a son to accomplish His will. That’s part and parcel of the HIS story of man’s rescue. God is never caught off guard. His plan is never foiled. He works good out of the evil that man commits. He is never fooled. In fact, God had said even before the twins were born: “…the older will serve the younger.” (Gen. 25:23) HIS story of man’s rescue was…and still is…intact.

And, you know, in spite of the injustices and treachery you may have experienced in life, God still wants to bring good out of it all! Don’t give up. Remain faithful.

Steve Kern

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