July 12 – His Story : Man’s rescue – Moses as Deliverer

Read Exodus 3:1-22

HIS story of man’s rescue required a rescuer. Well, actually, it required several of them over the course of the millennia. Of course all of those “rescuers” remind us in some way of the One who saves people from the ramifications of their sin. That One is the perfect Son of God who was crucified, buried, and raised. Let’s face it…all other rescuers seem almost laughable. And yet, God used them.

Such was the case with Moses. His feeble attempt in Exodus 2 to offer aid to the people of God who were hundreds of miles from home and engaged in forced labor had gone belly up. And yet, in chapter three, God’s plan for deliverance begins to unfold. Likely, it didn’t come as early as some would have liked, but it was right on time according to God. He invited Moses to be the point person in His plan.

Initially, Moses had two questions worth noting…questions that he posed to God:

1. Who am I (vv. 11, 12)? Why would God choose Moses…or you for that matter…to serve Him? Aware of weakness, most of us struggle to think that God would want to use us. And that He would use us to do anything of significance is even more unbelievable. The New Testament confirms, however, that he wants to use all of His children. There is no good explanation other than God’s sovereign choice. But there is His promise that those He calls He also empowers and accompanies!

2. Who are you (vv. 13-15)? Can Moses…or you…really count on God? Is He worth trusting? When He calls me to do something for Him, can I really trust Him. The divine response is that God is the great “I AM.” He is the self-existent One, who is not dependent upon anything. He is not a “has been” whose days of glory are somewhere in the past. He is not a “will be” who is developing skills that are still being perfected. He is right now, in this moment of time, all that you need.

As you face challenges and opportunities today, answer these questions in light of biblical truth:

Who am I?

Who is God?

Steve Kern

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