July 14 – His story : Man’s rescue – Law and Rescue

Read Exodus 19:1-20:26

HIS story includes rules/commands that He gave to His people.

Someone told me recently about a person who was cited with a traffic violation for backing out of their driveway onto the street. Was there a sign on the street saying that it was illegal? I don’t know. It surely doesn’t seem intuitive. Frankly, it even seems unfair because I wouldn’t expect it to be illegal. But, when the law is clearly defined, you can’t argue with punishment.

God did at least two things to define His commands to mankind. First of all, He gave us a conscience through which we have a general, intuitive understanding of right and wrong.

Moses Receives the Ten Commandments

Though a person can ignore the pangs of conscience and even dull the sensation, each person has one. But God also expressed His will for His people Israel in the written law. It is important to note that He gave these commands to them because obedience to them pleases Him and because He knows what is best for man. Although the ten most prominent of those commands are expressed in Exodus 20, they are only ten of six hundred thirteen in the Old Testament “law.”

Are these ten still valid today in the church age? The New Testament seems to underscore everyone of them (although the Sabbath seems to be a broader principle to be practiced rather than a rigid observance from sunset one day until sunset the next). In fact, in Matthew 5, Jesus even narrows the interpretation of murder to angry words and of adultery to lustful thoughts. Can you say, then, that you have perfectly kept the Ten Commandments?

God already knows your answer to that question.  No one has obeyed every dimension of His will.  In fact, the book of Galatians even informs us that the ultimate purpose of His laws is to expose the fact that we do not measure up.  In so doing, it points us to Christ (Gal. 3:24).  In other words, the Law was designed to help us to see how desperately lost we are so that we might call out to Jesus as our rescuer.

Steve Kern

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